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Acerbis is a company founded in 1973 by Franco Acerbis.

This company has always showcased its passion for the motorcycle racing world. Acerbis ultimate purpose is to be a major player in this market sector. In fulfilling this goal, Acerbis has always had the vision to meet the needs of professional athletes whose demands for products that allow for a greater level of safety and competitiveness have been at the core of the company's production from the 1970s to the present times.



Acerbis has always paid close attention to the world of off-road motorcycle racing. This keen and diligent attention has resulted to technological and commercial growth. Acerbis has left its indelible mark in major racing events like the:

- Dakar Rally
- Enduro World Championship
- USA Supercross Championship
- USA National Championship
- European Cross Country.

Moreover, Acerbis had constantly organized some of the most prestigious motorcycle competitions like the legendary Incas Rally in Peru (from 1986-1990 and a special edition in 1996) or the USA Nevada Rally (from 1991-1994).

The 2007 ISDE Six Days Enduro in Chile was also organized by Acerbis.

The American continent has always been the scene of many competitions which saw the participation of Franco Acerbis:

The 1973 Six-Day in the state of Massachusetts, the 2003 Six-Day in Fortaleza, Brazil; the above-mentioned Incas Rally; and the Enduro de los Gallos in Patagonia.

The Acerbis Brand is present in the motocross and supercross tracks of the United States.


The work in Acerbis is carried out with the same enthusiasm of the early years. In the various Italian divisions of Acerbis, the successful blend between the passion and the work ethic of the specialized professionals transforms what may seem to be hard work into real fun.

The founder Franco Acerbis puts it this way:

"If you love what you are doing today, there is more probability that you will live to see tomorrow, because your mind and your body constantly derive great benefits from such passionate love. Therefore in chasing your dreams, life becomes more easier and less complicated."

Acerbis is divided into five important divisions in Italy:

2 production plants, 2 logistic plants, and the Main Headquarters in Albino.

In addition Acerbis has three branches abroad in the Czech Republic, in the UK and in the USA.

Acerbis distributes its renowned products in 75 countries, and sells directly in Spain, Portugal, France, Germany and the Benelux nations.



Guido Acerbis, son and heir of Franco Acerbis, is the present and the future of the Acerbis company. Guido is the CEO of the company and he has always worked elbow to elbow with his father Franco.

"Like father, like son," Guido is a lover of a wide variety of sports - especially motorcycle sports and engines in general. He has participated and even won some races of the Italian Car Rally Championship. Guido has also taken part in the 2006 Six-Day Enduro Competition in New Zealand as well as the 2007 Six-Day Enduro Competition in Chile in where he won the silver medal.

From the time Guido began handling the affairs of the company alongside his father, a new factory has been set up in the Czech Republic: "We were already too full of work in our Italian factories, so we decided it was a good idea to open a new factory in the Czech Republic. We have many customers in northern Europe and the help we received from the Czech government convinced us to take this important step and seal the deal."

It is noteworthy to understand that Guido was born in the same year in which Franco Acerbis decided to get into business, and there is absolutely no doubt regarding the spirit behind his drive as the CEO of this legendary company.

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