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Acerbis Moto B2B

Cosmo Roost Deflector White S/M NOW £40

Cosmo Roost Deflector White S/M NOW £40

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The Cosmo is the newest roost deflector model designed by Acerbis' R&D department. The Cosmo accommodate a neck brace with the front Plate featuring a removable cover and the rear plate is formed to also accommodate the brace.

The Cosmo features an ergonomic design that follows the natural shape of a riders back and features a removable bottom plate to accommodate riders with shorter torsos. It has the option of combining the upper shoulder, arm and elbow protection or wearing it without to suit the rider. The Cosmo is complete with D3O material in the vertebrae protection column. The D30 material is a specially engineered material made with intelligent molecules. They flow with you as you move but on shock lock together to absorb the impact energy.

The Cosmo includes removable adjustable straps, adjustable kidney belt with elastic strap and double Velcro closure, PE preformed padding and front padding that extends across the chest and on the back in two parts (one of which is removable and washable). The front, back, elbow and shoulder guards are all certified.

When combined there is a short and tight bodice made of elastic material with mesh inserts that ensures breathability.


  • Designed to work with neck brace (the front harness features a removable cover, the rear is formed to accommodate the brace above the protector)
  • Ergonomic design contours to the natural shape of the back
  • Features adjustable elastic bands and two lower Velcro bands
  • Preformed PE foam padding
  • Front protection extends across chest (14021 approved)
  • Back padding consists of two parts which are removable and washable
  • D30 protection integrated for spine protection. D30 material hardens instantly upon impact for exceptional shock absorption
  • Lower back panel is removable to accommodate riders with shorter torsos
  • EN1621-2/03 and 14021 approved
  • Weight: 1250 grams / 2.75 lbs
  • When the Cosmo Jacket is combined, the loose arm guards are not included.


  • Jacket with short bodice and amour
  • Jacket is made of stretch material with breathable mesh inserts and features shoulder and elbow protection
  • Protection features plastic and PE foam (EN1621-1 approved)
  • Elastic on chest with adjustable Velcro
  • Lower portion of sleeves are removable
  • Elbow protections are adjustable with elastic straps
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